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       In this post,We are sharing Study Materials for Aptitude and mental ability portion for all English Medium tnpsc aspirants.

       Our notes are very helpful for those who are preparing for TNPSC GROUP 1,GROUP 2 , GROUP 3,GROUP 4 and VAO , GROUP 7 & 8 and etc......

        We shared Tnpsc Syllabus, Previous year Questions ,One liner Notes,6 th to 12th school books pdf both Tamil and English medium,Do you know facts,Topic wise notes,Unit 8 and 9 notes for TNPSC exams , Mcq questions and tests. Please check that posts also. Links are given below.

Aptitude and metal ability problems in Tamil,Maths videos in Tamil,Work and time videos in tamil, percentage vidoes in Tamil,Group 4 maths vidoes in Tamil,Group 2 maths in Tamil,Group 1 maths in Tamil,Maths shortcuts in Tamil,school book Exercise problems solved in Tamil,School books sums explained in tamil.

Class Link
Number System(எண்ணியல்) Click here
(மீ. பொ. வ &மீ. சீ. ம)
Click here
Work and Time   
(வேலை & நேரம்)
Click here
Ratio & proportion (விகிதம் &விகிதாச்சாரம்) Click here
Simple Intrest
Click here
Compound Intrest
(கூட்டு வட்டி)
Click here
Percentage (சதவீதம்) Click here
Mensuration 2D(அளவியல் 2D) Click here
Mensuration 3D (அளவியல் 3D) Click here
Simplification (சுருக்குதல்) Click here
Age  Problems
(வயது கணக்குகள்)
Click here
A.P & G.P (கூட்டு தொடர்
& பெருக்கு தொடர்)
Click here
Average (சராசரி) Click here
Profit and Loss
( லாபம் & நட்டம்)
Click here
Probability (நிகழ்தகவு) Click here
Algebra (இயற்கணிதம்) Click here
Chain Rule
(நேர் மாறல்& எதிர்மாறல்)
Click here
Pipes Problems
(குழாய் கணக்குகள்)
Click here
Train Problems
(ரயில் கணக்குகள்)
Click here
Logical reasoning Click here
Clocks(கடிகாரங்கள்) Click here
Directions(திசைகள்) Click here
Dice ( பகடை) Click here
Alphabetical series  Click here
Boats and streams Click here
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